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Become a Makeup Artist

Are you captivated by the latest makeup looks and cosmetics?

Become a makeup artist with online courses from our Australian makeup school, and start a rewarding and exciting new career as a makeup artist helping your clients flaunt their gorgeous features.

It’s a fun and glamorous trade that will offer amazing opportunities as your client list grows.

Become A Makeup Artist offers an online makeup course so you will be able to do any of the nine styles of makeup (below).
From Wedding/Bridal to Film and Television to Catwalk and Fashion, you will how to become a professional with our online courses guided by your trainer Lyanne Pix

There are 9 different Makeup modules, including one Major course “Become A Wedding Makeup Artist”.
Each module has step by step tutorial videos which have been designed to help you learn how to apply makeup perfectly every time.

*Certificate Courses

  1. “Become a Makeup Artist” (*Certificate Course)
    Includes Everything
    “Become a Wedding Makeup Artist” + all the Supplementary Courses below
  2. “Become a Wedding Makeup Artist” (*Certificate Course)
    This is the core training Module to Become a Makeup Artist … More Info
  3. You will receive a *Certificate on completion of either of the above courses.

Supplementary Courses

Can be purchased individually or in Packages – See Pricing details

*Certificate of Completion – Not Australian Accredited

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Course Details

There are many benefits of taking makeup classes online compared to those in a traditional classroom.
We know how popular makeup classes are, and often classroom environments are found lacking due to overcrowded classes and long drawn out time frames.

With our courses you:

  • Watch at your own pace – that way you won’t Waste Time
  • You get 12 months to complete – More than enough time. (Contact if you need longer)..
  • Get close-up step by step tutorials – You won’t Miss anything
  • Learn from the comfortable safe environment of your own home – You’ll be relaxed and learn more.
  • Use your own set of makeup and brushes. No Extra Costs

If you miss something you can always watch it again and again if necessary. You can redo the course as many times as you need.

Take advantage of our comprehensive online courses and transform yourself from novice to professional in no time at all. We are here to help you every step of the way with videos shot in real time.

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Become A Makeup Artist
(Includes everything above)

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*Certificate of Completion – Not Australian Accredited