1. How long does a course take?
ANS: It depends on which course you enroll in: The courses are designed to be done at your own pace. So you could complete the full course in a week or 2 or take 12 months – It is totally up to you. See Length of Each Course.
The shorter courses can be done in one sitting, although we suggest you go over the lesson before working with your model.
It is advised that you practice on your models following each of the makeup lessons.
You can repeat as many times as you like for practice.

2. Do I use my own models?
ANS: Yes, most students ask a friend to practice on.

3. Do I work along side with you?
ANS: Our trainer will show you one step at a time – just pause the video and apply each makeup technique to your model. You can repeat the module by stopping and replaying the video until you get it right.

4. Where can I get the makeup from?
ANS: Makeup kits are readily available online from eBay or Google. There is a kit to suit all budgets.
However, if you want best results you should eventually look for a professional makeup kit as not only will it give a better result, but it can also greatly improve photographs.

5. Can I use my own make up?
ANS: Yes you can for practice, however, to gain a professional finish it is better to eventually use a professional make up kit which you can add to as needed. Makeup Brushes and Tools Video.

6. Do I get a certificate when I have finished the course?
ANS: Yes you get our certificate of completion on those courses that mention it on their info pages (Wedding Makeup & Become a Makeup Artist).

If you have any further questions please contact us.

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