Wedding Makeup

Our bridal makeup course has been designed so you can learn from home at your own pace with easy to follow steps.

Lyanne Pix, wedding makeup artist for over 10 years, will take you through the steps in real time so you can work along with her. With our online bridal makeup course you get the advantages of one on one video training.

Our videos enable you see everything that you need to know, close-up. You can also stop the video and re-watch any section.

The Course (Total Time: *193 min)

Our bridal makeup artist course is broken up into 6 units with easy to follow videos including resource information.


Intro – Tools (*10 min)

In this lesson we cover makeup brushes and tools and how to use them. We go over the steps you need to take to set up your business. We explain how to set up a portfolio to promote yourself and your business.


Trial and Application (*60 min)

Our bridal makeup classes include client consultation, trial and application. In the trial makeup we try different colours to see what best suits your bride. In part 3 you view a wedding day makeup consultation at a motel.


The Wedding Day Makeup (*42 min)

Applying makeup on the wedding day includes the Bride’s makeup which you have already done a trial makeup session.
The following will also be done on the day.


Bridesmaids and Flower Girl Makeup (*49 min)

Applying makeup to the bridesmaids is different to the bride as you have not done a trial.
We will firstly take you through applying concealer and foundation explaining how to blend these, how easy it is to apply the eye shadow and give tips on how to select colours.
We will also go through the application of the eyeliner and show you how to efficiently apply both blush and highlighter to the cheeks. You will also learn how to curl lashes and apply mascara.


Applying the Mother of the Bride’s Make-Up (*32:00 min)

Applying the Mother of the Bride’s makeup is different to the bride as we have not had a trial makeup session.
We will firstly take you through applying concealer, foundation and how to blend especially the foundation around the hairline and jaw.

We will show you how easy it is to apply the eye shadow, what colours and know how to blend them.
We will go through the application of the eyeliner and show you how to efficiently apply both the blush and highlighter to the cheeks. Once the eyeliner has dried you will be shown you the correct way to curl the lashes then apply the mascara.


Resources (downloads)

This unit shows you steps and ideas to set up your makeup business. You will receive a list of tools and makeup to get started, your agreement form to do a wedding and make up colour chart.

We suggest you to take photographs along the way for your own reference and your makeup artist portfolio.
We suggest at least 3 before and after photos, bride, mother of the bride and one other.


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